From the White House: A kid’s eye view

Sometimes Dad says things that I don’t understand. I usually don’t question him. People say he’s pretty smart. He IS the most powerful man in the world, after all.

Last week he mentioned me in an interview. (I get a letter from the media relations office whenever he talks about me in public. The media relations people say we need to stay “on the same page.”)

The interview was about something called marriage gay. Dad talked about my sister’s friend who lives with her real mom and another lady. Dad said people like that should be able to get married. I understand it’s important to be fair.

But I can’t really see how it’s the same. I mean, I love my dad. I can’t imagine not having him.

He is gentle with me, but he also has strength that’s different than what mom gives me. I feel extra protected when he’s around. I wish every kid could feel that.

I like my mom’s friends – most of them anyway. But I wouldn’t want one of them in our family instead of Dad. Something wouldn’t be right. Something really special would be missing.

I get that my sister’s friend’s mom and the other lady should be treated with respect. But I sure wouldn’t want to be in my sister’s friend’s position: you know, having no dad around. I would feel like I had a hole in my heart.

Dad said that marriage gay is a generational issue, that young people understand it better than old folks. But I thought older folks knew best. They have something young people don’t. I think it’s called wizdom.

Dad also said he evolved on this issue. Sometimes I wish we had less evolution and more foundation. Less mutability and more stability. (Okay, I found those in a thesaurus.)

Anyway, what I’m saying is: the world changes enough. Some things need to stay the same. It’s best if kids like me have a mom and a dad. Every kid wants a mommy and a daddy, not an extra mommy or an extra daddy.

So it’s hard for me to understand when Dad says that two boys or two girls should be able to get married. What do you do about the boys and girls bathrooms? And I thought it took a mommy and a daddy to make a baby?

Speaking of babies, there’s something else Dad talks about that I can’t figure out. He says that moms should be able to choose whether to have their babies or not.

Why would a mom want to kill her own baby? That’s so mean. Meaner than mean, actually. I’ve played with my dolls since I was two. The thought never crossed my mind to hurt one of them. It wouldn’t feel right. And those are just dolls.

What if that had happened to me? The thought takes my breath away. It makes me feel empty inside.

Mom and Dad have always told me that babies come from God. Surely God wouldn’t want someone to do something bad to a baby, especially if it’s really little inside of his mommy’s tummy.

I really wish Dad would help the babies. I bet he can. People say he’s pretty smart. He IS the most powerful man in the world, after all.

Kevin Thompson writes weekly for The Boerne Star in the Texas hill country. He can be reached at

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