What A Republican Vote Gets You

What does a straight-ticket Republican vote get you this fall (besides a fashionable and patriotic “I voted” lapel sticker)?

Let’s start at the top, in Washington, DC.

In general, an “R” vote will deliver a shift back toward the center-right, where polls show our nation resides. Gallup found recently that 42% of Americans considered themselves conservative, 35% were moderate, while only 22% categorized themselves as liberal.

Some will chalk such results up to the stigma attached the term “liberal,” but the stigma itself is a case in point.

In particular, an “R” vote will get you a stoppage of the red ink bleeding. Our grandchildren won’t be off the debt hook, but at least their burden won’t get worse.

The threat of more invasive legislation like Obamacare will diminish. Far left environmental regulations will be off the table. The business landscape will become clearer for employers and investors. Previously sidelined capital will return to action. People will get hired.

On the state level, a Republican vote will mean that a $15-$18 billion state budget shortfall will get balanced with expense reductions, not tax increases. Pencils will sharpen. Belts will tighten. You won’t pay more for groceries and gas.

You will get state leadership that reflects the body politic of our state. Next spring, the legislature will re-draw congressional and legislative district boundary lines. The maps will include a number of new congressional districts made possible by Texas’ gains in popularity.

You will get more investment in the relative economic prosperity that Texas has enjoyed even in the recent downturn. The Republican-led legislature created the Texas Enterprise Fund in 2003, the last year the state faced a multi-billion budget shortfall.

The fund has brought jobs, technology and investment to Texas and to Kendall County. Boerne’s own Albany Engineered Composites and GreenStar LED have received cash awards from it. Republicans will prioritize continued state investment in the fund.

You will get a commitment to standards in education, societal and fiscal policy that have worked for decades. Your leaders won’t experiment on your kids or your money with passing fads and unproven models.

You will get judges that apply existing laws squarely and fairly. They won’t dream up what they think our state should be and then find creative ways to turn their pipe dreams into case law. They’ll defer rule-making to the legislative and executive branches.

Finally, on the local level, a straight-ticket Republican vote will get you common sense; an understanding that government’s role is to maximize freedom, maintain a level playing field and do a few things well, not a bunch of stuff with mediocrity.

The result: each citizen can reach his/her own potential dependent upon his/her own character.

Voting has begun. Vote early and often encourage your friends and family to do the same. As usual, much is at stake.

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