The Definition of Insanity

Tuesday’s Kendall County Republican Club meeting featured a crime report from Republican Sheriff Roger Duncan. It reminded me of how fortunate we are to have elected (and re-elected) the 4th generation Texan to his post. He and his deputies provide a model for how a government agency can and should run.

The numbers speak for themselves. In all of Texas, a violent crime occurs every 4 minutes. In Kendall County, one occurs only every three days. In Texas, a property crime occurs every 33 seconds. In Kendall County, one occurs only every 44 hours. Undoubtedly, demographics play a part in these figures. But solid management and forward-thinking leadership do, too.

Sheriff Duncan brings an uncommon blend of experience and energy to the job. Thirty-one years with the Dallas Police Department equipped him for his current role. His high character provides an intrinsic desire to serve the people effectively and to manage their resources trustworthily.

Upon taking command in 2005, Sheriff Duncan hired a very capable chain of command to help him execute his vision for the office. Matthew King, Louis Martinez, Shad Prichard and Jim Bernarduci ably serve the sheriff and the people of Kendall County to this day.

Sheriff Duncan created a Citizens Advisory Board to facilitate communication and trust with the community. He also established a Citizens Academy to educate law-abiding citizens in the ways and workings of law enforcement. It boasts more than 150 graduates to date.

History is on Roger Duncan’s side. His great-great-great-uncle signed the Texas Declaration of Independence in 1836. Roger’s love of and commitment to an orderly, independent Texas couldn’t run much deeper.

Roger’s and his wife Norma’s commitment to the Republican Party runs deep, as well. Norma serves as president of Kendall County Republican Women. The sheriff rarely misses one of her meetings or a meeting of the Kendall County Republican Club.

The sheriff told a story Tuesday night of an intersection of stupid criminals and smart law enforcement. His department had received several reports of motor vehicle burglaries (stealing contents out of a car) at Po-Po’s Restaurant.

So, his team staged a sting. They placed valuables in the front seat and a sheriff’s deputy in the back seat of a darkly tinted vehicle.

Before long, their suspects rolled up in the truck the officers had identified in a surveillance video. The bandits came first to the unmarked squad car. They smashed a window only to be greeted from the back seat by a uniformed deputy.

Some say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result. But for Kendall County criminals with Sheriff Roger Duncan around, insanity is doing the same thing and expecting the same result.

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