A Tale of Two Missions

W. and O. could not have come from more disparate backgrounds. Still, both bounced into the White House with grand visions of unification. W. had fostered collaboration in Austin with his optimistic magnetism. O. had organized communities in Chicago and inspired millions from the political margins.

Within months of each man’s inaugural, each declared a national emergency of historic proportions. Each described a threat to our way of life that would end up threatening their goal of bi-partisan unity.

For W., the threat was mass murder. For O., it was mass uninsurability. Both men set out on a mission that would divide the country. With zealot-like determination, both sacrificed their visions of inter-party unity for the perceived greater good of their individual missions. W. embarked to free millions from the rule of a brutal dictator. O. set out to protect millions from medical catastrophe.

Both missions would cost hundreds of billions of dollars. Both would affect our nation for years.     Both would face increasing opposition and dwindling public approval. Even ardent supporters of the men would doubt their missions.

Still, the stubbornness that drives one to seek the presidency would drive these men to exhaust every available means to stay the course. They believed they came to the national stage for such a time as this. What is right is not always popular, they may have thought, and what is popular is not always right.

W.’s perseverance paid off at least in part this week as 19 million Iraqis faced the threat of death to vote in an election with an uncertain outcome. (In 2002, 11 million voted in an election of certain outcome; Saddam Hussein was the only name on the ballot.) Was it worth it? All the sacrifice of human life? The $700 billion or whatever the count is at this point?

The jury will stay out for some time. But this juror says freedom, even at a high cost, is still a good buy. The alternative costs you much more, like your opportunity, hope, potential, power to choose, the core of who we are as humans.

These costs are precisely why stateside soldiers are up in arms against massive expansion of the federal government, including O.’s mission to insure the literally uninsurable.

The irony: W.’s mission (which was backed by the U.N. and the U.S. Congress, by the way) sent our fellow countrymen and women to bring freedom for a people half-way around the globe. O.’s mission will squelch freedom in our health care system at home.

Health insurers won’t survive ObamaCare’s onerous requirements. If risk management companies can’t manage risk reasonably and then price for it appropriately, their days are numbered. The result will be a single, government-run system. Where’s the freedom in that?

There is none. It’s just the hefty price we’ll pay for handing the keys of leadership to a man on a radical, socialistic mission.

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  1. 1 Robert Retzloff March 25, 2010 at 19:51

    I like this Kevin……let’s just get more people aware of what is REALLY going on…..We so desperately need to study the Constitution of the USA……and send these socialist leftist ideologues out of these United States….

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