Candidate Begins With C

Boerne’s young professionals organization kicked off the primary candidate forum season Wednesday. “Emerge Boerne” hosted a forum at a place you might expect of Generation X and Y…Boerne’s new gourmet pizza parlor, Ruscello’s.

Republican candidates for County Judge (incumbent Gaylan Schroeder and challenger Dan Banks) and County Court at Law Judge (incumbent Bill Palmer and challenger Brent Hardy) addressed the group of twenty and thirty-somethings.

Historically, local politics have provided plenty to run from. Many savvy politicians avoid them like a plague. Issues can get too personal. Consequences can hit too close to home. But sometimes local politics give us a glimpse of a political system worthy of the people it serves. Wednesday was one such occasion.

First, there was competition, a necessary fuel for a thriving democratic republic. Both the County Judge and the County Court at Law Judge seats have popular incumbents defending them. That hasn’t stopped their opponents from offering a respectable challenge. The Republican Party is better off because of it. As iron sharpens iron, so to speak.

Second, there was choice. The incumbents voiced compelling reasons for the proverbial “four more years.” The challengers communicated ideas of how things could be different. At the minimum, these counterpoints shed light on the status quo and force business as usual to be defended. Well enough might should very well be left alone, but at least it will be a conscious decision to do so.

Third, there was civility. That’s not to say the discussions were void of feistiness. But a fundamental assumption of well-meaning motives seemed to prevail. The candidates weren’t trying to annihilate each other. They simply attempted to offer the best justification for their candidacy.

Fourth, there was candor. Candidates being candid, how appropriate. One candidate acknowledged “butting heads all the time” with certain members of his court, but that didn’t stop him from working together to bring all sides to the table to solve problems.

Finally, there were compliments. If I had a dollar for each time a candidate acknowledged a positive accomplishment or attribute of his opponent, I could have paid for my meal. Far from making the compliment-giver look weak, it actually made him look stronger. Who wouldn’t want a leader who can identify and verbalize the giftedness of those around him?

On Tuesday night, February 16, at 6:45 p.m. these candidates and others will take to the stage at Boerne Middle School North’s auditorium. The Kendall County Republican Women and the Kendall County Republican Club are joining forces to host a ballot-wide candidate forum. Come see what other C-words you see in our competent conservative candidates.

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