2010: The Year of the Elephant

Why would God allow his beloved Longhorns to lose last week’s BCS title game? How could he let their saintly star quarterback be speared in the back and knocked from the game within its first five minutes?

Only one explanation exists: 2010 must be the year of the elephant (the mascot of the national champion Alabama Crimson Tide). Democrats beware. Your ass may be in danger.

Political tides seem to be turning. Voters haven’t gotten what they bargained from their self-proclaimed post-partisan president. He’s shown no will to restrain liberal leaders of Congress from executing their heavy-handed, mass government agenda. He’s often even egged them onward.

As a result Democrats up for re-election are dropping like flies in Mr. Miyagi’s kitchen. Connecticut Sen. Chris Dodd, North Dakota Sen. Byron Dorgan and Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter are all bowing out. Alabama Congressman Parker Griffith has switched from D to R. The senators appointed to replace President Obama and Vice President Biden have chosen not to run for full terms.

Even my hometown congressman, Rep. Bart Gordon (D-TN), has chosen this year among his 25 in Washington as the one in which he’ll retire. (In 1984, he succeeded Al Gore in Tennessee’s 6th congressional district when the globally warmed, Internet inventor ran for U.S. Senate.) Boy, I could have used such news during all those years of dad’s complaining about him.

Such Democrat veterans seem to have witnessed the Obama revolution and are not particularly inspired to stick around for more hope and change. They sense the political wisdom of the American people rising to act as its done for two-plus centuries when parties in power exceed their mandates.

Edward Kennedy represented Democrat stronghold Massachusetts in the U.S. Senate for 46 years. Still, his seat is as competitive as it’s been since future Governor Mitt Romney made a run at it in 1994. And this with a Republican candidate (state Senator Scott Brown) with nowhere near the personal wealth or name ID of Romney.

The last Republican triumvirate (Senate, House, White House) was ousted just a few years ago, but only after a slow erosion of first principles. The next ejection may come more abruptly because the current statist agenda has been so “in your face,” the bait and switch so brash.

The electorate had hoped for a JFK or Clinton. Instead it’s getting an FDR or LBJ. Rather than meaningful reform of existing fiscally unsustainable entitlement programs (read: Social Security and Medicare), it’s getting a shiny new government program, a coup that will one day reek with the same inefficiencies and backbreaking financial requirements as its predecessors.

A 1994-esque Republican takeover of Congress in 2010 would not reverse the damage, but it would stop the bleeding. Here’s to hoping for a herd of elephants to stem the crimson tide!

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